Bryn Hughes is a Sheffield based artist.


Bryn's drawings and paintings are now instantly recognisable, but his distinctive style of art has been developed over many years.


Artist's Experience: Bryn is often asked, how long does a painting take? "four or five hours" he normally jovially responds "plus, around fifty years of practice and experience".

Success: Some of Bryn's most successful work, is his city and town-scape paintings, his passion for street life and architecture is evident in this work.

His deep understanding and love of buildings is clear in his draughtsmanship; this knowledge is totally understandable, when you learn Bryn had a long and successful career as an architect, before devoting himself to his art.

Bryn's city and architectural paintings uniquely capture the essence of a place, like the vibrancy of a Venice canal, the warmth and charm of a Spanish market or the regal stature of a London street.


Paintings as a gift: Bryn's original paintings and high quality prints make treasured gifts: he has developed a style that is almost universally loved.

Bryn's paintings, are often bought because of the fond memories they evoke: on seeing his work, time and again, people recall their adventures to him.

Start your own collection: Bryn's architectural paintings and prints have a coherent feel to them; this makes it easy for you to curate your own collection. For example paintings from Venice, Tuscany or Spain can be comfortably hung together with work from the Yorkshire Coast, London or even the streets of Sheffield.

Bryn Hughes Painting Commission: Do you have a property or a favorite view? Bryn does take on a limited number of commissions each year.


Examples of Bryn's Architectural, City and Townscape work.