Heeley Art Club

2 weeks ago - Heeley Art Club Working Evening "Painting with Pure Colour". Thought it would be an idea to paint in the style of a mosaic The first image (sea eagle-like) was a practice. The second image is the base drawing for a seaside idea - Victoria (who was sitting next to me) complained she was getting a migraine and left the building early! The third image is the pure colour version, by the time I finished it I was getting a headache! The sun streaking across the sky is pretty obvious but can you spot the 2 seagulls, crab and rolling waves? The green & brown bits echo the colours and aroma of the seaweed and the blue and white streak in the foreground bring out notes of reflections in pools of seawater left in the sand by the receding briny. Before you ask, I have visited Park Guell. Feel free to print out the base drawing and colour it in but don't forget to take some paracetamol first!