Camara Del Lobos 02

Great news. I've started painting again. I've not done a "proper" painting since August last year - apart from some outside sketching, adding to our Ezra's diary/book and a couple of commissions! This one's another acrylic of Camara Del Lobos in Madeira. The attached photo is the pencil (stage 1) version with some tissue paper glued to the foreground to give a bit of texture. I've set myself a target of 20 paintings by the last week in October this year.... can I do it, will I survive that long? I'll let you know.

Barker's Pool, Sheffield

My take on the Lib Dem Conference in Sheffield in 2011. There was quite a lively crowd outside the City hall with a lot of shouting but it seemed good natured with some police officers amongst the crowd chatting away to all comers. The beautiful red curtain walled building on the right is one I helped to detail in 1985(ish) during my career as an architect. It is my only painting with a political slant - I didn't create the placards - I just used the ones that were  most apt!The reason I'm posting it today is because there's an enlarged image of the painting now on display at the New Market on the Moor in Sheffield until 7th July. There are also 6 of my paintings on display at the Great Sheffield Art Show tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday in the Octagon at the University.

Blowing through a straw 01

Heeley Art Club meeting last night. The theme was "blowing through a straw". We sucked up watery acrylic paint and blew it onto paper. I swallowed the paint just once (which was less than Gwen sitting next to me). I decided to give my artwork a bit of structure with the side of a credit card dragged across the paper!