- Stella's 5th Birthday Party with Family

Derwentwater Arms, Calver, Derbyshire - on their website: "Traditional, family-run pub dating back to 1708 and serving global comfort food and real ales" - attached is the proof that it truly is a family friendly pub/restaurant. This (early) evening, Stella (in the unicorn dressing gown) with her Dad David and Cousin Rory at the bar. Happy 5th Birthday Stella! xx

Stocking Farm, Calver - our Ezra's book/diary

Stocking Farm, Calver - our Ezra's book/diary. This is as far as we get on our Tuesday and Thursday walks with our little prince. The kissing gate on the right of the drawing is in the top 3 of Ez's favourite gates. It's quite difficult to prise his fingers off the woodwork - we usually have to drag him away! We wonder if he would stay there all day opening and closing the gate if he had the opportunity (it does make a nice "bang" when it shuts).

Ez's diary again

Now the Art Show submission season is over I have time to devote to our grandson Ezra's diary again. To cross the busy A623 at Calver between Chesterfield and Manchester we use the underpass (above). It's concrete wall to wall and floor to ceiling like an echo chamber so I can demonstrate my yodelling expertise to Ezra. I think he's impressed. He's in the No 2 pram with Grannie in control. That's Hulleys of Baslow bus crossing the underpass so it must be 10.45 - 15 minutes to coffee time!

Muse Cottage and Apple Tree Cottage on Main Street in Calver

More from our Ezra's diary. Muse Cottage and Apple Tree Cottage on Main Street in Calver. There are some trout lazing about in a crystal clear brook just the other side of that low stone wall at the front of the drawing - I think they're family pets The water gushes out from the spring less than 100 metres up the road and looks good enough to drink (depending on what the fish are doing in it of course).