Our grandson's illustrated diary

We've been looking after our gorgeous grandson Ezra (who's 11 months old this Thursday) twice a week whilst his mum and dad (our son) are out being gainfully employed. They live in the White Peak District of Derbyshire in the beautiful  village of Calver - just 8 miles from our home. In the morning we wheel him around the village in our 42 year old Silver Cross pram until he falls asleep - we enlighten him about the flora, fauna and limestone character of the local architecture which ensures he has a sound repose! He joins us at coffee time at Palmer's Café when he wakes up - usually with a smile on his face.
Anyway, we've decided to record our time with him in a sort of illustrated diary - Liz on Text and me on Illustrations. My first illustration (attached) shows the Postmen's bicycles leaning against Calver Post Office wall - it's less than a couple of hundred yards/metres from our starting point and it's where High Street becomes Main Street. Lots more drawings to come!