'omage to Van Gough & San Gim

Heeley Art Club's theme for yesterday evening was "Working in the style of an artist you admire". My effort is 'omage to Vincent van Gough, combined with a view of the beautiful San Gimignano from our recent visit to Tuscany. I arrived at the Art Club minus my acrylics, so I drove straight back home and, to save time, I spent the evening in my own little garret producing the artwork below:

Volterra, Tuscany, Italy, last sketch

Friday afternoon, 4rd October, Volterra, Tuscany. My last sketch in Tuscany. The Palazzo dei Priori from the Via dei Marchesi. Incredibly built in 1239. The top tower was strange to draw - it was a pentagon. The shaded piazza in front of the Palazzo was my favourite spot to have a lazy coffee and watch the world go by. No photos of me drawing this time - my beautiful assistant, wife and camera operator finally cracked - she went shopping! Saturday - flight home - goodbye Italy - will I ever return?

Volterra, Tuscany, Italy

Friday, 4rd October, Volterra, Tuscany - centre for alabaster products - we saw many tiny workshops with crafts-persons busy sculpting and scraping away. We had a free day (no more guided tours). Our last lunch - this time at Osteria la Paca near Porta a Selci looking up the Via Don Mizoni. As usual in Mediterranean countries it wasn't long before someone parked a car in a "no parking" zone completely blocking my view.... no problem, I stood up and finished the drawing from the middle of the road. We stayed 4 nights in Volterra which was my second favourite place in Tuscany - so bellisimo! Wouldn't mind being locked in at this town and being at 1700 feet above sea level I might be able to cope with Italian temperatures. It's even higher than our little home village high above Sheffield.

Italy, Firenze, Ponte Vecchio

Tuesday afternoon 1 October - Florence. Life was too short to join the queues for the Uffizi Gallery so, instead, I sketched the Ponte Vecchio from the upstream side. That's me in the top photo drawing the bridge in pen. It was so hot and sunny I painted the scene in the shade of the arches supporting the Uffizi. I didn't have my stool so I had to kneel on the pavement (see bottom photo). My wife was on camera again - she hates long queues as well!