Seville, Spain

While my wife and friends went on a riverboat trip on the Canal de Alfonso X111 - an arm off the Rio Guardalquivir I spent the morning drawing the Cathedral and part of the afternoon painting it. I was sitting under a shady tree just outside the exit from the stunning Alcazar which we had visited the day before. A guide on one of the many packs of tourists that stood in front of me while I was drawing said to them that it was the best view of the Tower - my instinct to sit in that spot was spot on! 

Italy, Tuscany, Pisa

Tuscany again - Sunday afternoon 29 September - Pisa. Had to paint this one sitting on a stone post surrounded by people being photographed "holding up" the leaning tower. We had flown into Pisa airport the previous day (see the plane to the right of the tower) and had spent the night in Florence before being driven back to Pisa via Lucca.