Pagoda at Kew Gardens London

This building is the Pagoda at Kew Gardens and is very special to me. I first saw the other side of it in 1967. I was the goal kicker for Sheffield University Rugby Team playing Loughborough College in the UAU "Cup" Final at Old Deer Park which is located on the far side of Kew Gardens. I missed 2 vital kicks which meant we didn't win the "Cup". I think I was admiring the Pagoda and kicked the ball towards the building instead of between the posts! I was reminded about those missed kicks over 40 years later. Anyway, the pencil sketch was drawn in-situ on the afternoon of 5th December this year, I ran out of daylight due to the time of year and have been so busy on the commercial side of my artwork, I've not had enough free time until today (29th Dec) to finish painting the work. This explains my lack of Blog/News for the best part of a month!

Re-union Dinner - 47 years on! This is me last night with Dr Neville Jones. His decision in 1965 after seeing me play my very first game at the position of fullback put me straight into Sheffield University Rugby First Team. He was the Coach and Strategist for our highly successful team. My life changed at that moment, I stayed in Sheffield to play rugby for the City, got my first job as an architect, met my wife Liz, had a family and the rest is (my) history! Grateful thanks forever Neville.