Pagoda at Kew Gardens London

This building is the Pagoda at Kew Gardens and is very special to me. I first saw the other side of it in 1967. I was the goal kicker for Sheffield University Rugby Team playing Loughborough College in the UAU "Cup" Final at Old Deer Park which is located on the far side of Kew Gardens. I missed 2 vital kicks which meant we didn't win the "Cup". I think I was admiring the Pagoda and kicked the ball towards the building instead of between the posts! I was reminded about those missed kicks over 40 years later. Anyway, the pencil sketch was drawn in-situ on the afternoon of 5th December this year, I ran out of daylight due to the time of year and have been so busy on the commercial side of my artwork, I've not had enough free time until today (29th Dec) to finish painting the work. This explains my lack of Blog/News for the best part of a month!

Houses of Parliament on Father's Day

Re-union with the Uni of Sheffield Dept of Architecture Class of '67 in London last weekend visiting the Shard and Cutty Sark. Free on Sunday morning so did a 10 minute sketchette of the Houses of Parliament from under the London Eye. All equipment supplied by daughter Sian for Father's Day - watercolour paper postcard, squezzy watercolour brush, and emergency palette (seen in top RH corner) which consisted of 12 watercolour pencil dabs on paper... add the postage stamp, find a post box and the job's a good 'un!
Sian took my paintings to Art in the Gardens Submission Day and all 5 were accepted.

My 300th post - the Shard behind Tower Bridge

My 300th blog post. My latest version of the Shard - finished it a couple of nights ago. It's based on my "plein air" drawing from our visit to London last October. This one is A3 size and I'm saving it for the Great Sheffield Art Show in July (hence the grey and partially coloured low resolution images)  - hope it gets selected. We've booked tickets to see the view from the top in June - it's part of a re-union with fellow architectural students from the year of '67 - hope the clouds aren't too low and/or wet!

Diwali Stage below Nelson's Column, Trafalgar Square, LONDON

Sunday, 27 October, my last sketch of our London trip from the upper level in front of the National Gallery - showing the stage for the Diwali Festival under Nelson's Column, Trafalgar Square. We were booked on the 2.30 train back to Sheffield the following day but the rails were hit by the great St Jude storm and we ended up after much wasted time and expense catching a coach back home the following day.

The Shard & Tower Bridge, LONDON

The lower image took me 4 hours on a jetty sticking out into the Thames last Saturday 26 October. I spent at least half of that sheltering from the rain and galeforce gusts. I finally packed it in when a mini tornado sucked the plastic lining out of a bin in front of me, sending 2 empty bottles of beer crashing onto the pavings frightening the b'jesus out of me! I was hiding under my umbrella at the time and didn't realise what was happening - I thought there was an express train coming. The umbrella I've had in my sketching rucksack for the last 7 or 8 years is no more, deceased, turned completely inside out.  I completed the drawing at home.


St Barts, London

Guess who's been on their travels again! South-west entrance to the Priory Church of St Bartholomew the Great opposite Smithfield Market, London. Really picturesque church especially internally. Had a nice coffee in the cloisters. I sketched this from a convenient wooden seat while our group of 6 friends visited St Barts Museum behind me. Must draw the church itself when I have more time.