Edinburgh finished

That's it. I've (plus others) decided to stop there. It's such a complex scene I thought I'd emphasise the part the attracted me - Cockburn Street curving up to the Royal Mile  topped by the crown steeple of St Giles' Cathedral or more properly known as the High Kirk of Edinburgh (according to Wikipedia). Every time I visit Edinburgh I wonder how the steeple/lantern stands on it's 4 legs without spreading, but it's been there since the 15th century so they must have got it right! 

On a very shaky train back from Scotland last Thursday. Half way between Glasgow and Lockerbie in the Lowther Hills near Moffat, I looked at the scene, closed my eyes to fix it, opened my iPad (and eyes) and painted this in my Auryn Ink app.

Last Tuesday afternoon - the Debating Chamber at the Scottish Parliament Building. They were debating whether Scottish MP's should be paid if/when they're in prison (it must happen a lot for it to take up so much time in a Parliament!) What a modern building inside and out, I could spend a lifetime drawing this one - it's architectural poetry! It wasn't easy to draw that roof structure in less than an hour - can see why the construction ended up 3 years late and 10 times over budget. The building's (Spanish) architect Enric Miralles died in 2000 (at the so young age of 45) and 4 years before the building was completed.